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Construction Projects - Residential/Commercial

Waterproof coating (Urethane and Epoxy)

Below Grade Waterproofing:

Sprayable Urethanes are quickly become the preferred product for below grade waterproofing. The durability of the product reduces the need for manufactured barriers installed prior to backfilling to prevent damage from rocks and boulders which would damage other water proof coatings. This saves you Money!

And that’s not all. Let’s consider the time savings.

Sprayable urethanes can be applied in just one trip to the job. You can build up a quarter inch thick coating in a matter of minutes. No more three and four day processes while waiting for other products to dry. Our products dry in less than ten seconds and you can back fill immediately. This saves you Time and Money!

All those trips back and forth to the job site checking the progress burns up gas, tires and trucks. As well as the valuable time you could be spending creating income on another job.

When it’s all added up, using a Sprayable Urethane Waterproof Product saves you time, money, as well as our natural resources.






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