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Construction Projects - Residential/Commercial

Waterproof Coating (Urethane and Epoxy)


  1. Tractor Trailers Floors and roofs
  2. Leaky construction Site Water Tanks
  3. Commercial Truck Linings
  4. Chipper truck walls and roofs

I’d be preaching to the choir if I told you how expensive construction equipment is. So why not take care of it. Contractors spend millions of dollars a year repairing equipment after it’s been neglected. Replacing rusted out roof and floor boards, repainting scratched and abused surfaces.  This all cost time and money. Not to mention the time the equipment is down being repaired when it should be out there making you money.

Repair it, replace it, or refurbish it. When you combine labor expense to do any of these choices, it all takes time and money. With our natural resources diminishing at an ever increasing rate, it’s time to say no more.  

And about your company image? I was once told by a very knowledgeable individual that “You Only Have One Chance at a First Impression”

With the recent business slowdowns, layoff and “Down Sizing” What kind of impression do you want your customers to have of you?




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