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Business for Sale:

Includes web address, phone number and equipment.


2004 F-650 with 102,000 miles. New tires and in great condition.

24’X104” wide, 9’tall box with a clear roof (for great interior work visibility)

Also has a lift gate. Additional storage box build under the truck box.


We have a 185 cfm diesel air compressor mounted in the truck with a refrigerated dryer.


Works of its own battery and fuel tank, but also is plumbed into the saddle tank of the truck.


The control panel has been mounted inside the box.


12kw diesel generator mounted under the box, plumbed into the saddle tank, with breaker panel mounted in the truck. Works off the truck batteries.


You can start the gen from inside the box or outside the truck.


Includes 300 gallon water tank mounted in the truck with a 110 volt, 5gl per min, water pump.  Fills with hydrant hose included. There are two water bibs mounted inside and one is outside the truck.


A Ventura 12volt crane with 50’ of cable.


There are three spray rigs mounted inside the truck. We have a Graco King pump that can be set to pump 1:1 or 2:1 urethanes, with aprox 175’ of heated hose. We have two Graco President Pumps one set up to run 1:1 urethanes with 60’ of heated hose and the other is set up as a single component rig used to flush 2:1 mixing manifold. We have another piston if you want to make it another 1:1 rig.

300 gallon sandblast tank and 50’ of hose.


Mi-T- M 5000 PSI water blaster with turbo tip boost to 7K psi. 100 ‘of hose and two guns.


Air blower to ventilate confined space areas. Aprox 50 safety cones and two sign boards.


Two Sala man lifts and two tri pods.


Allegro air purification filter and carbon dioxide monitor.


These trucks will usually cost aprox 225.000 to build. I'm looking somewhere around 85K for the entire business, includes web site, phone number and contact list. Would also be willing to work on a job by job base to help with training.






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